About Us

Welcome to The Bright Side Candles, where inspiration and fragrance come together! Born amidst the pandemic, our luxury home fragrance candle line has evolved into something truly special. It all started with a single TikTok video that sparked our imagination, leading us to create a scent that captured the essence of a stalker. This pivotal moment inspired us to transform our entire brand, now offering an array of scents that draw inspiration from books, characters, and beloved tropes.

We are more than just candles for readers; we are creators of immersive experiences. Step into the world of your favorite stories and characters with our unique scents. But that's not all! We also extend our offerings to authors who wish to collaborate with us. If you're an author seeking a captivating fragrance to complement your literary creations, simply reach out to us via email.

Let The Bright Side Candles illuminate your senses and transport you to new realms of inspiration. Get in touch with us today to explore the magic we can create together!